Miniature Art?

What is Miniature Art?

Miniature art is fine art executed with precision and detail at a very small scale. Miniature fine art is a traditional art form that has been in practice for centuries, so it is important to note that it is not a fad, novelty, or curiosity. It is high quality fine art that has been painstakingly executed through tiny and precisely placed brush, pencil, or engraving strokes with mastery in color, composition, form, and lighting just as in standard size artwork.

This art form is a slow and meticulous process by it’s very nature. Works cannot be rushed and can often take longer to complete than would the same image in a larger size. The process of creating a miniature art piece is intimate for the artist. Later viewing by a collector is just as intimate. Both have to get up close and personal to the artwork. It’s a jewel that can be held in the palms of your hands. Magnifying glasses are often employed at miniature art shows so that viewers can get close and see all the tiny little details and minuscule brushwork that have been laid down upon the surface of choice.

Because of it’s small size and affordability, miniature art is highly collectible as it does not take up a ton of wall space. When cost compared to larger pieces of art it is also more financially accessible to everyone. It is a great way to get into collecting art. Miniature art is currently in the middle of a revival period. There are many artists working in many different mediums and subjects, making fine art widely available to all art lovers.

Listen Both Ways
2.5×3.5 Inches

Barely Awake
2×2 Inches

The basic rules for miniature fine art are as follows:

  • Work is minute in scale when compared to life size. In general, 1/6th scale or smaller is expected with the exception of already small subjects such as mice or insects if the work is executed in the “spirit” of a miniature.
  • The work exhibits delicate and painstaking technique that withstands magnification.
  • The work is 25 square inches or less for two-dimensional work and sculpture should fit inside an 8x8x8 inch cube.
  • The work should be high in quality and exemplify fine art, demonstrating mastery of composition, color, value, etc.

Modern Masters of Miniature Artwork – Free book authored by modern master Wes Siegrist detailing the history and etymology of fine art miniatures while showcasing the artwork of 53 modern miniature masters.

You can find more information about miniature art or learn about joining the following miniature art societies: