Lonetta Avelar is an American artist who has been living and working in the Pacific Northwest for over 20 years. Being self-taught, Lonetta has not had any formal training in the field of fine art and prefers to explore mediums and subjects on her own. She draws her inspiration from the natural world and is fascinated by animals. She has been drawing and creating since she was a young child, which became an obsession around the age of ten. At that point she decided that art was what she wanted to do with her life.

Lonetta uses her artistic abilities to create works of art loaded with expression and emotion. Wildlife has always been her focus and she brings individual subjects to life in various media. Lonetta hopes to draw the viewer into a moment in an animal’s world, in turn evoking an emotional response.

Exploring a handful of fine art mediums, Lonetta finds herself attracted to old world and exacting mediums such as silverpoint, as well as contemporary mediums such as scratchboard. Lonetta says, “The more difficult or obscure the medium, the more I am attracted to it.” She also enjoys working small scale and you will not see many large scale works in her portfolio.

Lonetta also enjoys textile arts and the artisanal discipline of bookbinding, which funds her fine art pursuits.

Lonetta is currently a Signature member with the International Society of Scratchboard artists, a Signature member of the Miniature Artists of America, a member of the Miniature Art Society of Florida, a member of the Miniature Painters, Sculptors, and Gravers Society of Washington DC, a member of The Cider Painters of America, as well as a member of The Society of Metalpoint Artists.