Art & Jewelry Commissions

Jewelry commissions can be inquired about through my Etsy store via the Request Custom Order button.

Artwork Commission Policy

Thank you for your interest in acquiring a commissioned work of art from Lonetta Avelar Designs!

The price of a commissioned piece can vary greatly depending on the size of the work required, and the level of detail involved in its creation, and the medium chosen. Usually, I start with a base price per square inch and adjust accordingly. Framing costs are not included in the agreed upon price of the artwork itself, but are additional costs that will be added to the final price.

As the client, you and I will work together to come up with a size and price that is mutually agreeable. Generally I do not make pieces larger than 9×12 as I specialize in small format and miniature sizes. I can work from your own photos as long as they are high resolution, are composed well, and have sufficient detail.  At this point in time, art subjects I allow will be limited to pets, animals, and wildlife with minimal background detail, if any.

I generally ask for 25% of the agreed final price up front before starting the piece and this first deposit is non-refundable. Another 25% once you approve a sketch or thumbnail. Final payment can be made upon completion. Payments will be invoiced through PayPal. Commissions will usually be for unframed artwork, however I cannot be held responsible for potential damage to the work once it has left my hands. If you prefer to have the piece framed before final receipt, options can be discussed. All details will be finalized and recorded in an artist-collector contract.

Due to the time consuming nature of the mediums I work in, deadlines** cannot be accepted, but I always strive to have the artwork completed in a timely fashion. In addition, due to the exacting and largely unalterable nature of my choice mediums, changes cannot be made to the composition once the actual artwork is in progress, so all changes must be rectified before hand, during the sketch stage of the commission process.

When you are ready to proceed, send me an email via the contact form so we can start the process. Original works of art are a worthwhile investment that appreciate in value over time. I look forward to creating a treasured piece of art that will be in your family for a lifetime!

Lonetta Avelar

**Current turnaround time = about 1 month

Starting Prices Unframed

Size (Inches) Scratchboard,
1×1 $ 180
2×2 $ 340
2×3 $ 360
2.5×3.5 $ 540
3×5 $ 720
3.5×5 $ 760
4×4 $ 720
4×6 $ 900
5×5 $ 380   —
5×7 $ 460   —
8×8 $ 600   —
8×10 $ 680   —
9×12 $ 800   —